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27 Healthy Habits
to Normalize Blood Pressure
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11 Natural Blood Pressure Reducers

High blood pressure can damage your heart if it remains high over an extended period. It affects 1 in 4 people in Hungary and 1 billion people worldwide. If left… read more

Best Breakfast Options To Control High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure: Starting your day with healthy and nutritious breakfast can help you control blood pressure numbers. A healthy breakfast also ensures better flow of energy throughout the… read more

Blood Pressure, Driver Fitness and Safe Driving

In some crash reports, we are informed that the driver lost control of his vehicle after suffering “a medical episode”. This most often includes having suffered a heart attack, stroke,… read more

Which Salt Is Good for High Blood Pressure?

Is any salt OK for high blood pressure? The American Heart Association recommends no more than 2,300 milligrams (mgs) a day and an ideal limit of no more than… read more

Why Does My Blood Pressure Fluctuate?

Most trips to the doctor’s office will include a blood pressure reading. That’s because your blood pressure can tell your doctor a lot about your health. A number that’s a… read more

Birth control and high blood pressure: Which methods are safe for you?

Is my birth control causing high blood pressure? Birth control pills and other hormonal birth control devices contain hormones that may increase your blood pressure by narrowing smaller blood read more

Does Prednisone Raise Blood Pressure?

Should I stop taking prednisone if my blood pressure is high? If you already have hypertension (high blood pressure), taking prednisone may worsen blood pressure control. Your doctor… read more

Portal Hypertension

Portal hypertension is elevated pressure in your portal venous system. The portal vein is a major vein that leads to the liver. The most common cause of portal hypertension is… read more

Sugar Intake Impacts Blood Pressure

Though sodium (salt) is known to lead to high blood pressure, or hypertension, sugar can actually play a role too. Eating too much sugar can inhibit the production… read more

Living a Life with Hypertension

Can you live a long live with high blood pressure? It’s important to remember that high blood pressure is not usually a death sentence. As long as you’re regularly read more

Chronic Thromboembolic Pulmonary Hypertension (CTEPH)

Is Chronic thromboembolic pulmonary hypertension curable? Chronic thromboembolic pulmonary hypertension (CTEPH) is high blood pressure in the small blood vessels of your lungs. It is caused by blood clots and… read more

Avoid Holiday High Blood Pressure: Expert Tips to Manage Diet and Stress

For the 80 million Americans with high blood pressure, the hectic holiday season can bring extra risks. Even if you normally eat a healthy diet, stay active, and follow… read more

Renovascular Hypertension

What causes hypertensive renal disease? Renal hypertension is caused by a narrowing in the arteries that deliver blood to the kidney. One or both kidneys’ arteries may be narrowed.… read more

What to Know About Hyperthyroidism and High Blood Pressure

How does hyperthyroidism affect blood pressure? Hyperthyroidism increases systolic blood pressure by decreasing systemic vascular resistance, increasing heart rate, and raising cardiac output. Does hyperthyroid raise BP? When… read more

High Blood Pressure Risks With Hot Tubs and Saunas

You have high blood pressure, which you keep under control by taking medications. Is it safe to soak your cares away in your hot tub or work up a… read more
Prawidlowe csisnienie
27 Healthy Habits
to Normalize Blood Pressure
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